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How to Make Sparkling Kombucha

Is your kombucha as flat as tap water? Do not panic! Here are solutions to add sparkle to your bottles… and to your life!


Where do bubbles come from?

First of all, how are bubbles created?

In kombucha, the yeasts eat the sugars and turn them into CO2. When the kombucha is trapped in a bottle, gas cannot escape. It accumulates in the kombucha and it gradually becomes more and more sparkling!

Several factors influence the amount of bubbles:

  • When the bottles remain closed, gas accumulates.
  • The longer a bottle stays at room temperature, the more sparkling the kombucha in it will be.
  • The more you open a bottle, the less sparkling it will be.
  • Cold stops the creation of bubbles because the yeasts go dormant.


How to have sparkling kombucha?

  1. Bottle the kombucha
  2. Leave for about 4 days at room temperature.
  3. Put in the refrigerator when the desired amount of bubbles is reached.

That's all!

Bottles designed to withstand pressure (such as bottles for beer or soft drinks) should be used.

But even if these are very resistant, do not leave them for more than 10 days on your counter! Otherwise, you will repaint your ceiling with kombucha, or worse, the bottle could explode.

Fizzy glasses of kombucha

What if your kombucha isn't fizzy?

Even if you have the right method and the right bottles, sometimes your kombucha does not have bubbles. It's okay, it's not its fault, we love it anyway!

If this happens, you can:

  • Add a little ginger or berries. These are natural sources of yeast!
  • Add a little sugar just before bottling the kombucha.
  • Make a new batch. Young kombucha scoby tend to bubble less.
  • Change your scoby. It may be weakened!
  • Resist the temptation to open the bottles several times a day.

In short: to have sparkling kombucha, you have to put the kombucha in a good bottle and leave it at room temperature for a few days. The yeasts will do their job and the bubbles will build up in the drink. Champagne!


Get started! 

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