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Fermentations: from the Noma restaurant to your table!

Any food lover knows the Noma restaurant. From its handsome chef, René Redzepi, so inspired, to its new Nordic cuisine, so appetizing. But above all, we love Noma for its constant search for new ingredients and culinary processes in order to bring an adventure to the lucky ones who have a reservation.


Cooking with fermentations isn't just happening at NOMA

Among these processes, a crazy enthusiasm that we share with Redzepi: cooking with fermentations! "Noma's Guide to Fermentation" isn't just a cookbook (although that would have been enough!). It is in fact an excellent introductory book on fermentation. It deals extensively with:

  • Fermentation 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about fermentation - Well-presented, clear, and factual. It reads well AND is especially comprehensive.
  • Lactofermentation of fruits and vegetables: mushrooms, asparagus, blueberries, plums, etc.
  • Kombucha: lemon verbena, apple, rose, maple and even coffee kombuchas!
  • Vinegars: a classic - made from plums, and even celery, squash, and (why not) whiskey!
  • Kojis: barley, of course, but there is also a recipe for shio koki, a base used to brine meat or fish.
  • Misos and Peasos: including a hazelnut miso. As for the Peaso, do you wonder what it is? It's just a yellow pea miso, created in Noma's kitchens, a bit by mistake!
  • Shoyu: Mushrooms are in the spotlight, yum!
  • Garum or liquanmen (from the Latin “juice” or “sauce”: we all know Nuoc-Mam, the famous Vietnamese sauce of fermented anchovies, but did you know that we could also make garums of beef, bee pollen and even sautéed grasshoppers?


Interested in fermentations and Noma?

Order the book "The Noma Guide to Fermentation" in our shop.

Noma book cover


Aren't these fermentations appetizing?

Hey, are you salivating? We are too! Especially since the book is full of sub-recipes; that is, recipes that can be made from a specific fermentation recipe.

For example:

  • A pancake syrup made from lemon verbena kombucha
  • A gin and rose cocktail, made from the rose kombucha recipe.
  • A shrimp stir-fry made with butternut squash vinegar and shrimp garum.
  • Koji-infused oil that can be used to coat fish and poultry
  • Shoyu buttermilk fried chicken
  • A mole sauce from roasted koji

In short, in the Noma Fermentation Guide, fermentations are not just the end, but the beginning of a gastronomic ecstacy that will bring you to places where the great chefs of classic cuisine have never placed their footprints.

Well done to the Noma team for breaking through yet another culinary door with this book. And above all, a huge virtual shoutout to Toronto resident David Zilber, the co-author of the book, because he is the fermentation specialist of the Noma brigade.

The fact that René Redzepi is the sous chef dedicated to the research and development of the restaurant classified four times as the best restaurant in the world demonstrates the great importance that he brings to fermentation.

Inspired? It's up to you to find new fermentation applications in your favorite recipes. In fact, feel free to share pictures of them with us on our Facebook page and/or Instagram using #RevolutionFermentation.

Bon appétit!
The RF team

The ratings of the book, according to the Fermentation Revolution team

  • Jean-Luc 4/5 JARS
  • Véronique 4.5/5 JARS
  • Norm 8/5 JARS


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