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Our zero waste goal!

Our goal is to minimize our waste production, both at our level and at the level of what we send to our customers!

Despite the possible crushing puzzle, it is essential for us to reduce our negative impact to the maximum!

In concrete terms, here are some actions we take.

Parcel Packaging

When making online sales, we must pack with cardboard and stabilize the interior of the package, to protect the contents of shocks.

As far as possible, we reuse packaging received from our suppliers... It may surprise our customers sometimes, but we do it carefully and it makes less waste that goes to recycling.

Also, we use paper padding and experiment with adhesive tapes made of kraft paper. It costs significantly more than the plastic tape, but it allows our packaging to be 100% recyclable.

Products Packaging

Retail Kombucha Scoby

In terms of individual packaging, we try to minimize their use and choose reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials.

Our kombucha scoby sold in grocery stores are packaged in 500 ml containers; an ideal format to keep its Mamma between each recipe.

Our kombucha kits are packaged in a very durable carton to be used as a unique packaging and as a durable storage carton.

Compostable tea bag
One of the most surprising things we have found is the packaging of our teas and herbal teas.

Having a green packaging is relatively simple. However, having a convenient and environmentally friendly packaging is often very complex.

We chose to put our teas and herbal teas in individual packages to facilitate the preparation stage of the kombucha. No need for sieves or big teapots. Just take the bag, put it in the jar and pour the hot water!

What do you think this bag is made of?

It is a 100% compostable resin, created by lactic fermentation of glucose from starch! wow ... Thank you Camellia Sinensis for finding that!

The next steps

We share our experience with modesty because we are very aware that we still have a lot of work to do to reduce our impact.

We are always open if you have ideas that could allow us to do even better, so feel free to reach us!

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