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Koji Culture for Amazake - Kairyou Chouhaku-kin Spores
Product image 1Koji Culture for Amazake - Kairyou Chouhaku-kin Spores
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Koji Culture for Amazake - Kairyou Chouhaku-kin Spores

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Homemade Japanese Amakaze!

This package contains spores of "Kairyou Chouhaku-kin", a strain of Koji-kin (Aspergillus Orizae) specially designed to produce amazake (sweet sake). Each sachet contains 20 g of spores, allowing 15 kg of inoculated rice to be produced. This variety is created by Hishiroku, a company founded in Kyoto 300 years ago.

These koji spores are perfectly suited for making amazake, shio koji, and white miso, and can also be used for other types of miso (rice, barley, wheat, or beans). May be suitable, but not recommended, for the production of shoyu sauce.

This culture is appropriate for those who want to make koji at home or in restaurants.

What is a koji culture?

A koji culture or starter is composed of spores of Aspergillus, a microscopic fungus (noble mold) used to produce koji (rice inoculated with aspergillus spores).

Fermented foods such as miso, tamari, soya sauce, sake, amazake, etc. are produced from koji. Without koji culture, it is impossible to produce koji.

What is koji?

Koji is made from steamed grains (rice, barley, wheat, beans), mixed with koji spores and fermented under appropriate temperatures and humidity conditions.

The koji is a kind of enzyme treasure because it contains many enzymes in abundant quantity and diversity. In addition to being used in the manufacture of fermented foods, koji is also renowned in gastronomy for its ability to bring out new flavours.


  • Name: Kairyou Chouhaku-Kin, Aspergillus Orizae
  • Weight: 20 grams (¾ oz), to produce up to 15 kg (33 lb) of koji.
  • Ingredients: Aspergillus Sojae
  • Storage: about 6 months at a temperature below 15°C. Store in the freezer to extend shelf life (+1 year). After opening, place in a zip lock bag and store in a cool place for 6 months. Use a higher quantity of spores if they are older.
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