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Complete fermentation kit for vegetables
Fermentation accessories for Mason jar
Fermentation Accessories for Mason Jar
Fermentation guide & recipe book
Fermentation kit
Dimension for fermentation accessories
Product image 1Complete fermentation kit for vegetables
Product image 2Fermentation accessories for Mason jar
Product image 3Fermentation Accessories for Mason Jar
Product image 4Fermentation guide & recipe book
Product image 5Fermentation kit
Product image 6Dimension for fermentation accessories

Complete Fermentation Kit For Vegetables

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Easily make your homemade vegetables fermentations with the Masontops Complete Fermentation Kit!

Greatly appreciated by any hobbyist fermenter, this starter kit contains everything you need to get started in creating fermented food, using the jars you have at home.

The 9-piece set transforms wide-mouth jars (such as Mason jars) into vessels for making fermented vegetables, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles and other delicacies.

The high-quality fermentation kit contains:

  • 1 Fermentation Tamper: Easily pack the vegetables into the jar with the ergonomic acacia wood pickle packer tamper.
  • 4 Glass Weights: Keep the vegetables submerged under the brine with the food-grade glass fermentation weights.
  • 4 Pickle Pipe Fermentation Lids: Let the vegetables ferment without hassle with these silicone lids that let the CO2 escape.
  • 1 Recipe Booklet.

Ferment four jars simultaneously with this complete lactofermentation kit. It's so easy!


Fill your jars (Mason, Bernardin or other) with vegetables and salt, then press down with the tamper to remove air bubbles. Add the glass weight to keep the vegetables submerged. Close with the fermentation lid and let it ferment without any hassle!

All products included are BPA- and phthalate-free and food safe.

This vegetable fermentation kit is suitable for wide-mouth jars.



  • Manufacturer: Masontops
  • Contains: 1 acacia wooden pickle packer tamper, 4 food grade silicone Pickle Pipes lids, 4 food-grade glass fermentation weights, recipe booklet.
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