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What is the difference between Milk kefir and Water kefir?

Milk kefir and water kefir may have the same name, but they are two completely different drinks! One is a slightly sour drinkable yogurt, and the other is a natural, sweet and acidic sparkling drink.


Milk Kefir Water Kefir
Culture Milk kefir grains Water kefir grains
Ingredients Milk Sugar, Water + fruits
Fermentation time 24-48h 24-48h


What is milk kefir?

Milk kefir is a fermented milk that looks a bit like a drinkable yogurt. It is an increasingly popular drink because of its health benefits. Milk kefir can be found in grocery stores, and is very easy to make at home. Just add milk kefir grains to some milk and leave it on the counter. After 24 hours, you have kefir! You don't even need a yogurt maker or even a pan!

The magic of milk kefir is in the kefir grains. They are small, white gelatinous clusters that look like little cauliflowers. They contains a jungle of microorganisms that just wait to jump into fresh milk to turn it into kefir.

Pouring milk kefir in a glass

Milk kefir has been used for thousands of years. Before the refrigerator was invented, kefir was very handy for preserving the nutrients and properties of milk! Nowadays, we drink it more for its good taste, its creamy texture and its billions of natural healthy probiotics.


What is Water Kefir?

Like milk kefir, water kefir is a natural fermented drink that can be prepared in 24 to 48 hours.

It looks like kombucha, but Water kefir is easier and faster to make! It is also called Fruitr Kefir or Tibicos.

To make water kefir, you need water kefir grains. They are often smaller than milk kefir grains and they are translucent. They, too, harbor many microorganisms. However, these yeasts and bacteria eat simple sugar and not milk.

To make water kefir, you add fruit kefir grains to water and sugar. Leave it on the counter for a day or two and voilà! You have a sparkling, sweet and tangy drink to sip to cool off.

Water kefir with fruit

It's a bit like a soft drink, but natural and healthier! This is because fruit kefir is packed with probiotics and is much less sweet than most carbonated drinks. What we love about fruit kefir is that it can be customized in endless ways.


What is the best kefir for you?

Both drinks are as easy to make and ferment in just 24-48 hours

If you love dairy products and want to boost your smoothies, give milk kefir a try! It's easier to digest than milk, more nutritious, and packed with probiotics.

If, on the contrary, you are looking for a refreshing, fruity drink, then water kefir is for you! You will produce a sparkling drink that you can easily customize according to your taste.


Get started!

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Water kefir: 

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