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Wildcrafted Fermentation, book cover
Wildcrafted Fermentations Pascal Baudar
Wildcrafted Fermentation, by Pascal Baudar
Product image 1Wildcrafted Fermentation, book cover
Product image 2Wildcrafted Fermentations Pascal Baudar
Product image 3Wildcrafted Fermentation, by Pascal Baudar

Wildcrafted Fermentation, by Pascal Baudar

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Exploring, Transforming and Preserving the Wild Flavors of Your Local Terroir.

Wild krauts and kimchis, fermented forest brews, seawater brines, plant-based cheeses, and more.

One of the most influential taste artisans of our time invites you on an extraordinary culinary journey into the world of lacto-fermentation of wild delicacies. Used for thousands of years by different cultures around the world, lacto-fermentation is the simplest, safest and most delicious method of preserving food. Nature provides all the necessary ingredients: plants, salt and beneficial lactic acid bacteria.

In Wildcrafted Fermentation, Pascal Baudar describes in detail how to create rich and tasty lacto-fermentations at home from wild plants from the surrounding nature and from plants grown in a vegetable garden. From sauerkraut and kimchi to savory pasta, hot sauces and dehydrated spice mixes, Baudar includes over 100 plant-based recipes to inspire even the most jaded palate. Step-by-step photos illustrate the food-seeking, preparation and fermentation techniques for wild and cultivated plants. This book will change your relationship with plants and give you the confidence to succeed like a pro.

Much more than a cookbook, Wildcrafted Fermentation offers a deeply enriching way to reconnect with nature through green vegetables, stem vegetables, roots, berries, fruits, and grains from your local terroir. Adventurous and creative, this cookbook will help you restore your wild palate and "create a unique cuisine for you and your environment".

You will find in this book

  • The basics of fermentation
  • How to explore your local terroir
  • How to discover local and ethnic flavors
  • Fermenting with things found in the environment
  • Soups, pastas, spreads and fermented sauces
  • Wild plant-based cheeses


“Pascal Baudar is a culinary visionary who is also excellent at clearly explaining his ideas and methods to make them accessible. I am in awe of this book as well as his two earlier ones. Get ready to be inspired.”

-- Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation


Pascal Baudar is the author of Wildcrafted Fermentation, The Wildcrafting Brewer and The New Wildcrafted Cuisine. He works as a researcher in the field of wild foods, as a brewer, and as a teacher in traditional food-preservation techniques. Over the years, through his weekly courses and seminars, he has introduced thousands of cooks, local chefs and gourmets to the flavors offered by their wild landscapes.

In 2014, Baudar was named one of the 25 most influential local taste creators by Los Angeles magazine. In 2017, its teaching programs delivered by Urban Outdoor Skills were named one of the seven most creative cooking classes in the Los Angeles area.


  • Pages: 304 pages with full color photos
  • Size: 7" x 10''
  • Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing, March 12, 2020
  • ISBN: 9781603588515
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